Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: Selden Market

Are you a fan of supporting anything and everything local businesses? Selden Market can be found at 208 E Main Street Norfolk, Virginia. Selden Market can be easily described as a market for emerging businesses. Some businesses you can currently find at Selden Market: S’mores Amore, Vessel Craft Coffee, Slide Thru #FAMPOPKidsStorePure Lagos African Art Gallery & Boutique. On occasion, Selden Market will also have vendors pop-ups from  Jack Eats and many more!

Behold! Selden Market!
Pure Lagos art
One of many of the beautiful pieces of art that you can find at Pure Lagos African Art Gallery & Boutique.
Nicaraguan Coffee
Getting a Nicaraguan Pour Over at Vessel Craft Coffee.


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Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: Zeke’s Beans & Bowls NFK

Ever try an acai or poke bowl before? In case you haven’t, these are a must try for any NFK foodie or anyone looking to add new flavors to their palate! Located on 800 Granby Street you can find Zeke’s Beans & Bowls Norfolk. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Zeke’s has a tasty selection of healthy meals and drinks to choose from including traditional items such as salads, bakery goods, and coffee.

While you are there be sure to try out an acai and/or a poke bowl. Zeke’s is well-known for those two items.

If you are a fan of smoothies an acai bowl would be an excellent choice bursting with berry flavor and crunchy texture!

Equally as tasty are their poke bowls. For anyone who is a sushi-lover or is someone looking to try fresh fish served in a different way, a poke bowl is a way to go. Piled high on top of a fresh-green kale salad is marinated tuna poke with shredded carrots & cucumbers, pickled ginger, avocado, and a dash of sesame seeds… flavor explosion!

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Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: The Grilled Cheese Bistro

Looking for a place to have a great breakfast, lunch or dinner? The Grilled Cheese Bistro is simply the best, order from a wide menu of classic food and beverage options. I recommend trying the “GOOEY”, which is a classic grilled cheese using 3 different types of cheese: Fontina, Cheddar, and Mozzarella. The Grilled Cheese Bistro also has the option available for customers who prefer gluten-free bread and vegan cheese! It is also encouraged at  The Grilled Cheese Bistro to start a conversation with someone with communal seating. So make your way down to 345 Granby Street, grab some delicious food, and meet someone new! 

grilled cheese 1

grilled cheese 2

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Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: Harbor Park

Harbor Park is a great place to spend a fun evening with family while watching local baseball. This stadium is the home of the Norfolk Tides Minor League Baseball Team and it can seat up to 11,856 people. Harbor Park has two seating decks, a picnic area for private parties, 20 luxury skyboxes, and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the playing field. Whether you looking to treat your family or a weekend out with your friends, Harbor Park is a great choice. Be sure to check out the 2019 event schedule for the Norfolk Tides and get your ticket today! Harbor Park is located at 150 Park Ave.

harbor park.jpeg

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Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: Mermaid Factory

The Mermaid Factory is a craft store located at West 21st Street between Colley Avenue and Hampton Boulevard. The Mermaid Factory has tables set up for painting and decorating pre-made mermaid statues with a variety of materials. Upon completion, you are able to take your mermaid home for everyone to see. These mermaids are always a great idea for a departing gift for any friend and especially family!


Mermaid factory

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Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: MacArthur Memorial

Want to know about American history? The MacArthur Memorial is a must to visit. It is a museum dedicated to the memory of General Douglas MacArthur, an American five-star general and the former Chief of Staff of the United States Army. The memorial preserves the history of General MacArthur and also those who fought with him during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. In the museum, there are artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and vehicles. The memorial also offers tours, outreach activities, film screenings, lectures, and more. The MacArthur Memorial is located on Bank Street, in Norfolk VA, and admission is free!


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Things to Do in Norfolk, VA: The Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is a fun place to be, it has beautiful gardens and holds a variety of educational and conservation-focused events throughout the year where visitors spend a fun-filled night at the zoo, playing games and visiting the animals. It is situated next to Lafayette Park in Norfolk and a habitat of countless plant species and more than 500 animals from several specific habitats including Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America. The animal ranges in different size from the African elephant to the tiny frog. The Zoo also has different sections which home different country like an animal. For example, ‘Trail of the Tiger’ features unusual and rare animals from Asia such as Malayan tigers. The Virginia Zoo is perfectly maintained, clean, beautiful, and it has the perfect space for toddlers to walk around. You will also be entertained by the friendly and well-informed zookeepers.



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